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As an iGaming industry player, SoftGamings has built a reputation for its aptitude to create and grow successful digital casino ventures. Born in 2008, they’ve achieved significant development, boasting over 160 staff members, and providing services to more than 100 clients globally.

SoftGaming Range and Offerings:

The powerhouse platform they have crafted has the ability to handle millions of transfers per day and offers prime uptime statistics. It caters to operators of all skill levels within the virtual casino industry by providing a wide variety of services and products.

SoftGamings’s platform is a compilation of diverse casino solutions, including all-in-one and white label options. Their range consists of unified API integrations, versatile platform technologies, gaming licenses, advanced design and technology, 24/7 customer service, top-tier security, elaborate loyalty programs, and powerful SEO and promotional departments. Further, they provide access to leading game providers and financial solutions, with Bitcoin being one of them.

SoftGamings presents these four distinct types of casino software solutions:

  1. White Label: A comprehensive, financially friendly solution allowing extensive customization and accelerating the launch of casinos.
  2. Turnkey Casino: Aims for enhanced platform control, although it sacrifices some speed and ease of use compared to other solutions.
  3. Bitcoin Casino: A white label solution specifically targeting the cryptocurrency market.
  4. Self-Service: Promotes a higher degree of personalization, making it particularly appealing for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.


SoftGamings encourages you to select the most suitable gaming payment system prior to launching in the gaming market.

Our platform accepts both MasterCard and VISA, while also supporting the most widely used e-payment gateways in the gaming business.

We can establish a payment account for you, ensuring a swift activation procedure. After setting up, you exclusively control your payment account – no need to share keys with us, as you are the sole holder of the funds.

Alternate Gaming Opportunities

SoftGamings’s gaming software provides access to more than 3,000 games from over 50 providers, with some being compatible with cryptocurrencies and mobile devices. Their variety includes live casino games, slots, instant win games, scratch cards, poker, and sportsbook content. The choice of provider and game for a casino is dictated by the operator’s objectives and the selected solution. SoftGamings also presents combined gaming products through easy API integration, such as the Slots Bundle and Live Casino Bundle.

Advantages of Integrating with SoftGamings

  • Rapid launch
  • Exceptional deals
  • Unified API
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Suggested best practices

SoftGaming Online Presence and User Interaction

SoftGamings’s website is crafted with the user experience at its core, supplying detailed information about the company, their services, and their offerings. The site’s modern aesthetics and user-friendly shopping mirror the company’s commitment to innovations and advancements.

Game Licensing Evaluation: demonstrates its trustworthiness with a respectable trust score of 72, indicating the website’s high probability of legitimacy. The rating considers factors like WHOIS data, server IP address, company location, and the non-existence of spam and phishing reports. As with any other site, users are advised to conduct their own investigation to confirm the site’s authenticity and security.

Protection and Security: Online safety tools DNSFilter and Flashstart have marked the site as secure, displaying zero signs of phishing or malware, and the presence of a verified SSL certificate.

Evaluating Credibility and Reviews: Customer reviews online contribute to the website’s varied reputation, with an average 2.9 rating on Trustpilot made up of largely negative reviews. Conversely, Scamadviser gives it a high trust score, deeming it safe for use but noting the potential risk of fraud. Positive factors like the site’s longevity, valid SSL certificate, and positive safety ratings from DNSFilter and Flashstart are highlighted, alongside negatives such as the owner using a service to hide their identity and predominantly negative reviews.

Provided Services: seeks to shed light on different licensing types required for operation in the gaming world. These licenses include the key gaming employee license, the gaming employee license, and the gaming services employee license. The website provides a step-by-step overview on securing these licenses, which starts from filling an application form providing personal information, background details, and other relevant information. An in-depth evaluation is then conducted by the gaming authority, covering a criminal background check, credit report analysis, and confirmation of prior employment and education records.