When it comes to B2B print and digital gaming magazines in Asia, Inside Asian Gaming (IAG) boasts a predominant position. This publication, established in 2005, has become a major player in the industry, specializing in sharing extensive and insightful content about the expanding gaming market. Solving the intricate puzzle of the swiftly changing Asian gaming industry, IAG provides readers with an in-depth analysis of key trends, changes, and improvements in the sector. With a distribution network that spans across Macau and many other pivotal regions in Asia, the publication is renowned for its penetrative coverage and authoritative industry knowledge.

Publication Offerings

inside asian gaming

1. Magazine

The leading publication of IAG is its monthly magazine, a treasure trove filled with in-depth analysis, data, and news pertaining to the gaming industry in Asia. Nothing short of a valuable resource for gaming industry executives who wish to stay updated on Asia’s burgeoning gaming markets, this monthly magazine covers an array of business-focused content, right from covering top-tier gaming companies to laying down projections and trends shaping up the s

Adding variety to its offerings, IAG also publishes the IAG Breakfast Briefing, a daily email newsletter circulated every business day at 8 am local time, straight into the inboxes of approximately 20,000 followers. This newsletter serves the ever-curious gaming industry professionals, providing critical breaking news and deep-diving analysis of both terrestrial and online gaming sectors. This early morning digest offers contemporary and to-the-point coverage of industry happenings helping subscribers stay a step ahead in understanding the gaming landscape.

3. Special Editions

Making the most of major industry events such as G2E Asia in May and the Macao Gaming Show in October, IAG releases special edition publications. With bespoke content curated for these events, these special editions double up as indispensable guides for industry professionals attending. This isn’t just an opportunity for the readers to equip themselves with the latest happenings but also for businesses to reach potential customers via specific advertising opportunities.

4. G2E Asia Daily

In addition to this, IAG is the official publisher of the G2E Asia Daily on behalf of the event organizers during the G2E Asia, a leading gaming industry event. This daily newspaper, distributed poisedly each morning to all attendees and exhibitors throughout G2E Asia, features near-real-time news straight from the conference and exhibition floor, introduces exhibitor product highlights, necessary information about the event’s agenda, and much more.

5. Custom Publishing

Besides these, IAG provides personalized publishing services for client-specific requirements of books and magazines related to the gaming industry. Drawing upon the strength of its expertise and a wealth of resources, the parent company, O MEDIA, guarantees quality-driven and meticulously tailored publications, meeting and exceeding clients’ specificat

The Asian Gaming Power 50

One high-point of IAG’s yearly offerings is The Asian Gaming Power 50. This comprehensive ranking represents the most influential list of leaders and executives in Asia’s gaming industry. Published every year, it is a reflection of the wax and wane trends of the industry and key decision-makers. The list is a rich source of information for anyone seeking to decode the game changers in the Asian gaming industry.

Parent Company: O MEDIA

Operating under the proficient umbrella of O MEDIA, a leading mediapreneur organization based in Macau, IAG continues its market-winning stride. O MEDIA takes the baton for the production of other popular Macau-centric publications like High Life, WGM, and South China Elite. With its portfolio rich in diversity and reach, O MEDIA leaves no stone unturned to influence the media and gaming buzz in the region.


The distinct role that Inside Asian Gaming plays in roofing edifying content for the Asian gaming industry is truly commendable. With a series of offerings ranging from flagship magazine, a daily newsletter, special event-editions to custom publications, IAG continues to play a pivotal role, shaping the B2B media narrative within Asia. Pioneering the media space, IAG posits a clear and expansive vision of the industry, letting its elite audience grasp the pulse of the show.