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To stay abreast of the latest happenings in the online betting world, attending iGaming summits and forums is key. This guide lists 30 significant iGaming functions that one shouldn’t miss in 2024! This article includes not only online betting forums but also Sportsbook and Betting events!

Why Should One Participate In Online Gambling Wagering Conventions?

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Online Casino and Betting conventions provide unique benefits to experts involved in this sector. Such iGaming platforms allow stakeholders, operators, and industry insiders to connect, deliberate over the emerging trends in the iGaming segment, and expand their professional network!

Ambitious iGaming forums often incorporate award ceremonies, making them not just business events, but competitive platforms. Besides, many online wagering gatherings host parties, giving everyone a chance to celebrate their role in the industry!

The Most Awaited iGaming Forums in 2024

This segment reveals what are widely considered the top iGaming forums, which are also the ones eagerly awaited this year!

SiGMA Asia Conference 2024

  • Location: Manila, The Philippines
  • Focus: iGaming
  • Timetable: 3rd-5th June 2024

Asia offers a plethora of opportunities and is an booming hub for the development of iGaming. The SiGMA Asia 2024 convention utilizes this potential by gathering influential figures at its online betting conference in Manila! Attendees of this event will range from high-ranking government officials and experienced C-level executives to prominent influencers.

  • 20000 attendees;
  • 3000 operators;
  • Above 350 speakers;
  • Fifteen networking platforms;
  • Two social gatherings;
  • Two award ceremonies.

SiGMA is reputed for hosting engaging iGaming conventions that stimulate insightful dialogues among industry forerunners. The speaker panel for SiGMA Asia’s online betting event will host renowned individuals from top firms and successful entrepreneurs! Don’t miss out on this prime affiliate marketing convention in 2024, which could pave the way to promising prospects!

sigma event

SiGMA East Europe 2024

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Focus: iGaming
  • Timetable: 2nd-4th September 2024

The iGaming community in the CIS countries has been underrepresented in former iGaming conferences. Sigma intends to alter this scenario, hosting an online casino and sports betting summit for Eastern Europe for the first time in 2024! This event is expected to double in caliber as it is co-hosted with another prominent iGaming conference organizer- Affiliate World.

  • 9000 attendees;
  • 2000 operators;
  • 200 speakers;
  • 200 exhibitors;
  • 5000 affiliates

The gathering, planned by SiGMA, will feature a pitch competition involving in-house Start-up Village and charity foundation! Additionally, attendees will gain first-hand insight into the online Gambling and Betting industry across Slavic and Baltic regions.

SiGMA Europe 2024

  • Location: MMH, Malta
  • Focus: iGaming
  • Timetable: 11th-14th November 2024

Unquestionably, SiGMA Europe is a leading player among global online Gambling forums. Even though this summit takes place only at the end of the year, the anticipation builds up! Attendees can expect a myriad of networking opportunities, unforgettable events, and land-based exhibitions!

  • Two hundred seventy thousand attendees;
  • Sixty-five hundred operators;
  • Five hundred fifty speakers;
  • 700 exhibitors;
  • 6500 affiliates;
  • Fifty networking platforms;
  • 18 social gatherings;
  • Two award ceremonies.

Participation in an event like SiGMA Europe, centred around online casinos and betting, is a distinguished opportunity; one can witness future industry trends in real-time! RichAds, a renowned ad network, has been a staple participant at SiGMA Europe, sharing their expertise on managing Betting traffic! This year is no different, and we invite you to join us in person for some good times and partnership discussions!

A Compilation of Top Online Gambling Forums and Events for 2024

This segment presents a comprehensive list of preeminent iGaming forums slated for 2024, helping you keep track of all the events planned for the coming year! Along with the dates of the events, you also get information on the central theme and location. With over 30 forums focused on online Gambling and Sports betting, everyone can find one that aligns with their interests!

Please note, popular events like iGB Affiliate London, ICE London, SiGMA Eurasia, SPiCE India & Sri Lanka have already taken place this year along with SBC Summit RIO, which is in full swing! Rush, as the 30 iGaming forums will not wait forever in 2024!

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