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We are a solid community of casino & betting affiliate sites. We’ve come together to jointly support, help each other to develop a successful affiliate network to bring the best deals from operators with our results. We also maintain good relationships with the operators to improve our marketing and conversion rates.  

As a team of young and motivated affiliate writers, sub-affiliates, SEO experts, country managers and web developers we have created the perfect Affiliate management system to optimize and increase the traffic volume of any affiliate site for any geographic market target to be effective in 3 months time. Our business model has expanded and is now fully developed with a strong affiliate management system and an affiliate network targeting Asia Pacific. Currently, we are working with more than 30 operators and 35 sub-affiliates focused on 3 markets. If you want to be a part of us and become an affiliate, we are here to help and direct you towards the right step in being successful. We’re talking about generating income of at least $5,000 – $70,000 every month! There is no limit, it’s up to you to decide.  

Gain higher profit faster and easier


  • Work with a team of experts from Day 1
  • Higher commission rates that you won’t get anywhere else!
  • Lower Minimum Requirement in Active Players and Net Income
  • Customize promotions for APAC Affiliate network
  • Better Minimum Withdrawal and Commission Calculation

Secured, Safe and Fast Payment through APAC Affiliates

  • Save your precious time trying to book a deal with one operator at a time
  • Payment through APAC Affiliates is a breeze, you’ll be relieved of the easy payment options we provide our affiliates!

Team Support

  • Our team will handle your website when you need to go on vacation
  • Free SEO consulting, marketing strategy and website optimization
  • Provide assistance with uploading articles when needed
  • We’ll support you with issues related to the website
  • Training on APAC Affiliates’ marketing tools
  • Updates about new trends in the iGaming industry
  • Connections with locals who are native Asian language (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and etc.) speakers
commision plan

As an independent affiliate, you would know about the usual commission rates that operators charge. APAC Affiliates, on the other hand, can receive a variety of options for revenue optimization.  

With this model, APAC Affiliates’ income is calculated based on the number of depositors they get from their campaigns. As soon as the player deposits a certain amount in the first deposit, the affiliate becomes eligible for the commission. The commission rate is fixed and will be discussed before finalizing your agreement with APAC Affiliates.  

As an affiliate, you can also get a percentage commission based on the amount your player generates for the operator. If you are looking for a deal that can provide long-term profit, this one can be a good match for you! Normally, some operators will have extra managament fees or internal costs prior to getting the calculater percentage commission. With APAC Affiliates, you will be getting a better figure that’s more appealing than what operators normally offer to independent affiliates.  

If you’re the kind of affiliate marketer that has a lot of connections, perhaps sub-affiliation can be an option for you. Everytime you refer an affiliate to the APAC Affiliates network, you get to receive a commission from your referred affiliate’s earnings. A registration will be required through APAC Affiliates to validate the referral.  

If you want to avail more than one commission plan, we suggest trying out our hybrid offers. We can customize this based on what commission plans you’re interested in and with the kind of traffic you usually get. For example, you can combine CPA and Sales to have two separate income packages.  

To start, we can provide two options for you. If you are an independent affiliate with your own website, all you have to do is provide content and work on your site’s SEO and we will provide you a specialized link to use in your affiliate campaigns. The second option, if you are just starting out, is to work directly under APAC Affiliates. We will provide the domain, website and SEO and all you have to work on is the content. Take note that through this option, you will not be the owner of the website, as we will be taking care of everything for you.

affiliates support

As we have handled many affiliates in the past, we already know the normal issues they usually have. You may have the drive to earn money as an affiliate but have no idea where to start. You might not have a clue about photoshop, setting up a website, using video editing programs or social media channels. All we need from you is the willingness to learn these skills and the drive to earn money from affiliation! APAC Affiliates will be with you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to support you with:  

affiliate marketing
  • Banner
    We do banner designs according to the theme and size of the online casino.
  • Video
    We also create video tutorials for betting or online gaming guides. You can download this video archive for free.
  • Content
    You can request to receive betting materials, knowledge of the games. APAC Affiliates will help you get the exact number of posts you need with accurate information every single time.  
affiliate it support
  • Website design
    We can help you with website functions, landing pages and newsletters depending on what suits your marketing campaign best.
  • Tracking System
    APAC Affiliates has a tracking system you can use to monitor your traffic and website activity.
  • SEO
    We’ll help you improve your site’s SEO and keyword optimization to ensure your campaigns’ success! Contact APAC Affiliates now to get started!  
affiliate payment method

All of our affiliates are paid through APAC Affiliate’s bank account without needing any direct contect from the operators. Rest assured that all payments are scheduled and completed on time, every time.

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