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In a rapidly expanding, highly competitive industry like gaming, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest trends shaping market forces. The Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), a premier resource offering comprehensive market data, doesn’t just provide up-to-date industry knowledge. It empowers decision-makers with treetop views of the shifting gaming landscape, making it an indispensable tool for industry forerunners looking to refine their business strategies.

The Asia Gaming Brief, a market-intelligence juggernaut, is a one-stop solution for executives looking for in-depth market analysis. Delivering real-time insights, industry updates, thought-leadership perspectives, and analytics, AGB expertly covers shifting trends, alterations in consumer preferences, and the evolution of market structures pertaining to the Asia-Pacific gaming sphere.

Drilling Down into AGB’s Products and Services

AGB’s product suite delivers actionable insights through a variety of channels, including webinars, conferences, and prestigious awards ceremonies – all focusing on the intricate details of Asia’s vibrant gaming market. This extensive portfolio of offerings is designed specifically to educate stakeholders about the pulse of the growing gaming industry.

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The prompt success of AGB can be credited to a stellar team of industry experts, led by visionary leaders who have carefully structured the organization and envisioned its successful trajectory.

Luis Pereira: The Dynamic Trailblazer

A stalwart of the Asian gaming industry, Luis Pereira, as the Managing Director of the Asia Gaming Brief, has made significant strides in driving AGB towards its current standing. Under his inspiring leadership, AGB has metamorphosed from a fledgling start-up to the undisputed leader in gaming industry intelligence, providing unparalleled content and networking opportunities.

AGB’s strength lies in its myriad platforms that facilitate extensive learning, networking, and growth opportunities for stakeholders active in the gaming industry.

ASEAN Gaming Summit

The highly awaited ASEAN Gaming Summit exemplifies AGB’s commitment to promoting industry engagement. By fostering a platform for meaningful discourse and seamless interactions, the Summit serves as a unique confluence for industry veterans and emerging players.

Asia Gaming Awards

The Asia Gaming Awards, organized annually by AGB, celebrate excellence across innovative, transparent, and rapidly growing entities in the gaming industry. The awards serve as a testament to the veritable strides made by these entities in the evolving industry landscape.

AGB Webinar Series

The AGB Webinar Series shines a spotlight on prevalent industry trends by bringing together global experts for engaging panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and case study presentations. The series deconstructs complex issues pertaining to online gaming, laws and regulations, customer service, and more.

As an affiliate of AGB, Inside Asian Gaming amplifies the analyses, perspectives, and industry updates curated by the Asia Gaming Brief. IAG delves deeper into market complexities, layouts, and narratives, keeping industry stakeholders better informed and engaged.

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Considering the blistering pace at which the gaming industry evolves, the Asia Gaming Brief and its extensive intelligence offerings have proved indispensable for executives worldwide. With its plethora of insightful platforms like the ASEAN Gaming Summit, Asia Gaming Awards, AGB Webinar Series, and Inside Asian Gaming, AGB continues to uphold its unwavering credibility as a valuable resource for gaming industry stakeholders.

Our Global Footprint

As the torchbearer for gaming industry intelligence, we maintain offices across Asia and have robust strategic partnerships worldwide. Providing top-notch customer service and pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation are at the heart of our operations.Here are some of the roles aiding us in our quest:- Customer Service Support Manager: This role ensures the smooth functioning and efficient management of customer relationships within the organization. – Chief Innovation Officer: This role directs the framing and execution of cutting-edge strategies to stay ahead in the constantly changing landscape of the gaming industry.

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