SoftSwiss Review & Ratings 2024: Is SoftSwiss Legit?

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With over ten years in software development, SoftSwiss has cemented itself as a reputable entity in the online gambling industry. Offering a diverse range of products, they have become a go-to choice for many. Our team has delved deeply into what SoftSwiss has to offer, and we’re excited to share our findings.

SoftSwiss partners with over 300 iGaming brands, reflecting the high quality and reliability of their services. Our experts have thoroughly examined their products to provide a comprehensive review for our readers. Join us as we explore what makes SoftSwiss stand out.

Bonus Offers – What Can You Expect from Top SoftSwiss Sites?

In our experience reviewing bookmaker software, we’ve found that developers often include options for customized promotions. SoftSwiss is no exception, enabling operators to tailor their site design while providing robust technical support and hosting services. Bonuses, designed to attract new customers, are a staple in the online gambling world. SoftSwiss’s flexible bonus system allows operators to create and advertise these promotions directly on their sites. For the latest and most generous offers, check out our updates at

Usability, Look & Feel – Setting the Standard

Our experts were impressed with the web design of the NSoft sportsbook platform, but SoftSwiss’s betting software exceeded all expectations. With top-tier web design, it’s no surprise that over 300 brands utilize their services. SoftSwiss sets a high bar, leaving other developers striving to keep up. The SoftSwiss website itself is user-friendly, with a sleek navy blue and white design that simplifies navigation and enhances readability.

Payments – Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions

Similar to our findings in the Sirplay review, SoftSwiss offers a comprehensive turnkey solution. This approach allows sportsbooks and casinos to choose from a wide array of payment methods. SoftSwiss’s all-inclusive package stands out, contrasting with other developers who often offer fragmented services. When selecting a site, our detailed operator reviews can help you find one that supports your preferred payment method, though availability can vary by region.

Customer Service – Exceptional Support

SoftSwiss emphasizes high-quality customer service, setting a high standard for their clients. During our review, we found their support team to be prompt and efficient. SoftSwiss provides the tools necessary for operators to offer exceptional customer support on their platforms. Reliable customer service is crucial for resolving issues and ensuring a smooth user experience, making this an important factor in our evaluations.

License & Security – Compliant and Secure

Most top BetSys sites are well-licensed, and SoftSwiss is no different. Their package often meets the stringent requirements of licensing commissions, and they assist clients in navigating these regulatory landscapes. SoftSwiss employs robust security measures to encrypt and protect user data, passing our security checks with flying colors. This focus on security and compliance adds another layer of trust for their clients.

Rewards & Loyalty Programme – Beyond Welcome Bonuses

Beyond initial welcome offers, SoftSwiss provides operators with flexible options for ongoing promotions and loyalty programs. This customization ensures that players have continuous incentives to engage with the platform. Whether operators choose to implement these programs is up to them, but the tools are readily available.

SoftSwiss Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Our review found that SoftSwiss offers access to 22,000 live events and over 60 sports, covering all major sports and more. This extensive market flexibility allows sportsbooks to tailor their offerings.


Typically, sportsbooks determine their odds based on presented data, balancing fairness for both the customer and the company.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting is a popular feature, and SoftSwiss supports this dynamic betting style, enhancing the thrill of in-play wagering.


Betting limits are usually set by the sportsbook itself, with SoftSwiss having minimal influence on these policies.

Product Summary & Conclusion

SoftSwiss exceeds expectations with a vast array of betting markets and customizable options, offering flexibility and support for their clients.

SoftSwiss Casino


SoftSwiss develops their casino software in-house, ensuring direct support and quality control for operators using their services.

Game Portfolio

With over 11,000 games from 60 providers, including industry favorites, SoftSwiss offers a diverse and robust game selection.

Live Casino

SoftSwiss provides the necessary UI and UX design for live casino options, though the operator must manage the live betting service.


Casino limits are determined by the operators, with minimal impact from SoftSwiss.

Product Summary & Conclusion

The SoftSwiss casino platform offers a high-quality, customizable experience suitable for any online operator, ensuring a satisfying user experience.

Overall Conclusion – Among the Best

Our expert review confirms that SoftSwiss stands out in the industry. They offer extensive support for bonus offers, a wide range of payment methods, and top-notch customer service. With robust licensing and security measures, along with flexible rewards and loyalty options, it’s clear why many sportsbooks and casinos choose SoftSwiss. Their comprehensive packages and user-friendly design make them a top contender in the online gambling software market.