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Finductive acknowledges the critical role money transfers play in every business. We understand from our own expertise, how establishing a bank account or making payments can be a stressful and lengthy process, particularly for recently incorporated businesses or newly arrived companies in a country.

The managerial group at Finductive have themselves encountered this problem, with their primary objective now being to provide innovative, intuitive financial services and products that simplify intricate processes and enable our customers to make more informed decisions about their finances.

In the current market, where consumers have more payment methods than ever before, the pressure to meet and surpass client’s expectations has never been higher. Businesses are beginning to break away from traditional banking methods to seek financial service providers who can provide swift onboarding, quick transaction processing and modern technology.

Traditional banks often fail to respond quickly enough to satisfy the client’s requirements. In contrast, fintech is rapidly advancing, outperforming conventional banks in terms of customer service, seamless account setup and apparent adoption of new technologies.

Finductive Ltd is a regulated Financial Institution based in Malta that provides its clients with corporate payment accounts including dedicated IBAN, SWIFT and SEPA Payments, and the capability to send and receive funds in a myriad of currencies.

Incepted in 2018 and awarded the European Financial Institution license by the Malta Financial Services Authority in 2019, Finductive has demonstrated remarkable growth in the past 4 years by integrating online banking with payment services to optimise its client’s experience for swift and secure transactions.

Initiating an account with Finductive

Our applications are made effortlessly through our online onboarding platform, where every stage of the application can be completed digitally, eliminating the need for a physical meeting thereby saving time, allowing us to service clients globally. We ensure that each client undergoes a comprehensive risk review across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions, to gain a complete understanding of their business.

Virtually Verifying the Process

As an integral part of the onboarding, we deploy a digital verification process. This enables applicants and their clients to upload a single proof of ID and address and make use of video recognition for verification, all achievable within 5 minutes, hence making the process more efficient.

The transaction platform

Our payment platform offers round-the-clock accessibility and instant transaction viewing and downloads, providing clients with total control over their operations. Acknowledging the constantly evolving payments landscape, Finductive prioritises continual improvement and plans to launch a new online banking platform in Q1 2024 for all clients.

Dedicated accounts

We at Finductive, are conscious about the regulatory requirements for the iGaming sector, hence we accommodate the need for dedicated accounts, which can be initiated at no additional cost alongside the main payment account.

Currency conversion

Clients can send and receive funds in over 120 currencies through our online payment platform with a live rate feature that shows users the precise cost of the transaction. Major currencies can be retained in their accounts for up to 75 days.

The iGaming payment eco-system

Our primary objective is to simplify and make payments as cost-effective for clients as possible. Our payment eco-system enables clients to transfer money securely, specifically designed for the B2B, iGaming, and Affiliates industry with access to SWIFT and SEPA Payments, dedicated IBANS and European Correspondents.


Obtaining financial transparency is our key priority, hence Finductive’s fee structure is upfront during the application stage with no hidden costs once the account is operational. Under comparison to other payment providers, our fees are among the most competitive across the board, from set-up costs to SEPA and SWIFT transaction charges.


Throughout its operational years, Finductive has been distinguished for its significant contributions to the payments world with multiple awards.

After securing the Best Alternative Banking Solution award in Europe 2021, again in North America in 2022 and in Eurasia in 2023, Finductive takes immense pride in its global recognition.

The workforce

Our team at Finductive, with their extensive knowledge in payments, is committed to understanding both industry needs and customised client requirements. They ensure superior customer experience right from onboarding through the development of long-lasting relationships during the customer journey.

Each client is assigned a devoted account manager, tasked with ensuring top-notch service and providing a bespoke service to our clients.

Four core values lead our Team: Agility to adapt through innovation; Integrity through consistent uprightness; Passion, a constant force towards achieving excellence; and Teamwork, as we believe, together everyone achieves more. Guided by these values, we shape our culture and decisions, which we endeavour to pass on to our clients.

Get in touch with us

We encourage you to contact us if you need more information about the services we offer. Please send an email to [email protected] or visit

Finductive Ltd (C 89272) is a limited liability company incorporated in Malta, regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority of Triq l-Imdina, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD 1010, Malta, and is licensed to operate as a financial institution executing payment services in accordance with the Second Schedule of the Financial Institutions Act (Ch. 376 of the Laws of Malta).