BF Group Debuts Revamped Platform for Operators

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BF Group

The latest version boasts unique design strategies, favoring a headless approach to pave the way for sleek, state-of-the-art operations.

Moreover, the platform integrates seamlessly with popular third-party utilities such as odds and streaming agencies, securityconfirmation systems, and CRM utilities.

Notable enhancements and features on the platform comprise an overhauled standard interface, boosted search capabilities, an upgraded rewards system, updated tournaments, a fresh sportsbook interface boasting a “Cinema” view for e-sports, a newly minted support center, and the integration of a ‘Pick’em’ functionality.

The platform is currently functional with BF Group’s clientele, LV Bet, a notable sportsbook operator in Poland, included.

LV Bet CEO for Poland and Latvia, Marcin Doszczecko, remarked: “Post the initial examinations, we are excited to be involved in the pilot phase of BF Group’s newly improved platform.

“We’ve noticed dramatic improvements in workflow and profitability. Our VIP players expressed highly favorable comments, highlighting the platform’s efficiency and high quality.”

BF Group’s CEO, Wiktor Grabarczyk, discussed further:”We consistently upgrade our platforms and other offerings, however, the enhancements in this version are so considerable that we introduce it as a fresh level in our product development.

“We take pleasure in offering our partners an even more improved tool, making sure operators and their players relish an improved and comfortable encounter with our sports betting products.”