Massive iGaming Affiliate Programs Aggregator Unveils a Rebranded Platform

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Aggregator RevenueLab

As a leading global consolidator of affiliate programs, effectively bridges the gap between numerous iGaming industry advertisers and publishers from across the globe.

This innovative platform provides publishers a unique opportunity to interact with multiple advertisers via a singular personalized account. Moreover, it offers advertisers access to an expansive range of high-quality iGaming traffic, receiving millions of clicks from all over the world.

An exciting announcement was released on July 1st, revealing the organization’s successful rebranding. This new look not only showcases a modern design, but also introduces several beneficial features that help both webmasters and advertisers in their monetization pursuits.

Introduction of CPA and Hybrid models


Previously only operating with the Revenue Share model, RevenueLab has now incorporated CPA and Hybrid strategies to their website. Additionally, several leading publishers now have the opportunity to utilize CPL and CPI models. Presently, RevenueLab is the lone platform globally that allows publishers to operate with all payment schemes and all iGaming brands through one personal account.

Publisher’s account given a complete revamp

Heralding a change, the prior personal account layout was considered dated and needing a revamp. Significant efforts from the product team have now resulted in nearly all old interfaces being replaced.

“We dedicated around 4 months for research before starting on the new interfaces. Through interviews and by analyzing data, we understood how publishers use the current interface, what was missing and what was unnecessary. The effort was worth it. As of now, I’m confident in saying that this is the best personal account for the affiliate-marketing industry I have seen in the past 7 years,” emphasized Valentin Darechkin, Product Manager at

Advertisers can now independently register

Previously, advertisers had individual access to the platform, but now the registration is open to all. Advertisers can register independently, and once registered, a dedicated manager will assist with the integration process. Once integrated, brands gain access to the largest websites with the highest organic traffic and iGaming industry publishers worldwide!

What do publishers gain?

Outstanding ROI from your traffic

With the help of your manager, you can find the most profitable offers without wasting time on search and testing. As we are not an affiliate network, we select offers based on their actual success: driven purely by analytics and numbers.

A Trustworthy Gaming World Partner partners directly with the world’s top brands. We have unbeatable RevShare conditions that remain consistent, and an advertiser won’t be able to alter your slice of RevShare or CPA rate independently. Furthermore, our publishers continue to receive commission for leads they sourced years ago!

Consolidated Statistics for All Offers and Payment Models (RevShare, CPA, Hybrid) in One Personal Account

There is no need to manually compile summary statistics, and then amalgamate it all in Excel anymore- it is all gathered in one interface automatically here.

A Personal Manager Catering Specifically to Your Needs

No need to negotiate with numerous affiliate managers or defend your interests in a dispute with an advertiser – your personal manager at RevenueLab will manage everything, including preparing references and resolving controversial situations. * managers are competent and equipped to safeguard your interests*

Centralized Resource for all Financial Processes

You don’t need to independently monitor and verify finances for each affiliate program yourself, deal with disparate payments through systems convenient only for affiliate networks. conducts a monthly reconciliation with each advertiser to examine, consolidate all models (RevShare, CPA, Hybrid), and ensure the publisher’s commission details are correct before making a consolidated payment.

To our continuing evolution, we assure users with more functional additions shortly.

Take the opportunity to register now –!