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The dynamics of online gaming are notably competitive, as manifested in the overwhelming fee of £180 for each click with certain keywords. This hefty cost speaks volumes about the tense rivalry among online casinos, particularly in well-established markets like the UK. Despite such expenditures, the efficacy of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as a digital acquisition channel cannot be overlooked due to its responsive, clear, and flexible characteristics.

Unpacking the Upward Trend

Shift from SEO Penalties to PPC Marketing

The recent crackdown on SEO practices, notably on prominent names like BWin and Jackpot Party, has necessitated affiliates and operators to resort to PPC. With Google’s stringent adherence to best practices for organic search ranks, it’s no wonder that PPC has become a viable alternative, ensuring business continuity amidst the frequent algorithm alterations. Consequently, such a shift has led to a surge in keyword competition, causing an exponential rise in Cost Per Click (CPCs). An apt example is the Cheltenham Festival, which registered a 30% annual growth in CPCs for major terms.

Emergence of Skilled Affiliates

The once-dominant large brands with significant budgets are now grappling with competition from skilled affiliates who reinvest their earnings into PPC. This transformation has leveled the playing field, underlining the necessity for all contenders to scrupulously optimize their PPC game plans.

Industry-Specific Knowledge: The Trump Card for Competitive Edge

Leveraging our hands-on experience with some of the biggest PPC advertisers at The Media Image, we have gained invaluable insights. This encompasses strategies and pointers for steering through the competitive PPC terrain in the realm of online gaming.

Significance of Account Structure & Keyword Selection

The complexity of an account is dependent on several factors, including budget, goals, and product range. Sportsbooks, given their extensive markets, entail comprehensive and resource-intensive keyword research to keep pace with the sporting schedules. Conversely, casino keyword selection tends to be more static, heavily dependent on search query reports and traffic logs. Recognizing negative keywords has the potential to save advertisers substantial expenditure on useless clicks. Experimenting with various match types may also uncover unexpected CPC variances.

Role of Tracking in Effective Optimization

Strong tracking mechanisms are integral to successful PPC campaigns. Enabling tracking pixels to closely monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like deposits and registrations is essential. Implementing a tag management solution will simplify this process, securing real-time data and mitigating integration hassles. Pertinently, for affiliates, it is critical to minimize the lull between click and conversion data, particularly when grappling with high CPCs.

Establishing Cost-Efficient CPA Targets

Setting performance indicators from the get-go is a fundamental requirement. In iGaming, this typically requires defining a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) target for newly depositing players. However, it’s not feasible to adopt a blanket approach. Dissecting performance into detailed segments based on keyword themes or CPC can yield a deeper understanding of customer value and inform more effective budget allocation.

Manual vs Algorithmic Bidding

Bidding strategies predominantly fall into two categories: manual and algorithmic. Smaller advertisers might benefit more from manual bidding tactics, while larger campaigns with a high volume of clicks might find algorithmic bidding tools such as DoubleClick or Marin to be more beneficial. Familiarizing oneself with the subtleties of each method and applying them judiciously could lead to significant CPC cost reductions.

Influence of Ad Copy

Ad copy goes beyond merely branding; it serves as a crucial optimization element. A pertinent ad copy can enhance the Click Through Rate (CTR), resulting in a substantial decrease in CPCs. Regular testing and customization of ad copy to match search terms is paramount for long-term success. Equally important is to remain cognizant of competing offers to ensure that your ads remain appealing.

All-Inclusive PPC Management Approach

Considering the escalating competition and rising CPCs in the online gaming sector, adopting an all-inclusive PPC management plan has become imperative. Successful advertisers align their PPC strategies with wider business goals to optimize efficiency and performance.


The PPC atmosphere within the online gaming industry is witnessing unprecedented competition, necessitating more finesse and sophisticated strategies for success. Consequently, by tapping into industry-specific knowledge, optimizing account structures, ensuring thorough tracking, defining precise CPA targets, and striking a balance between manual and algorithmic bidding, advertisers can adeptly navigate this demanding environment. A holistic approach that weaves in PPC with broader business strategies will be pivotal to thriving in this ever-evolving market.