Sportradar Obtains Vendor Status in North Carolina

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Today, Sportradar Group AG proudly announces that their U.S. gambling arm, Sportradar Solutions LLC, has been awarded a Supplier certificate from the lottery board of North Carolina.

This vendor status, which became effective on February 28, will be valid for a half-decade.

With this addition, Sportradar’s bragging rights expand to holding 56 approvals, or similar, spread across different regions in North America, encompassing U.S. states, territories, tribal lands, and even in Canada. In providing data services to a broad spectrum of partners functioning within these areas, the company fosters transparency and integrity, while ensuring rapid and trustworthy sports information to gaming and betting organizations.

As online gambling is set to go live in North Carolina on March 11, it means that sports betting will be legally accepted in 38 U.S. states, alongside the District of Columbia according to the American Gaming Association.

Spotlight on Sportradar

Sportradar Group AG, a prominent global sports tech corporation founded in 2001, is known for its innovative approach in enhancing the experiences of sports fans and gamblers.

With a prime position at the convergence of sports, media, and gambling industries, Sportradar provides an array of superior solutions to sports federations, sports betting operators, news media, and consumer platforms, aiding their expansion.

As a trusted ally to prestigious bodies like the NBA, ATP, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, FIFA, and Bundesliga among others, Sportradar reports on nearly a million sports events across diverse disciplines, every year.

Combining their extensive industry connections and expertise, Sportradar not only enhances the sports aficionado experience but also staunchly protects sports, through its Integrity Services division, advocating for an environment that upholds integrity for everyone.