Proposal for Online Gaming Licenses Made by a Tinian senator

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In a recent development, a local senator has proposed a piece of legislation aiming to legalize the offering of online gaming services in Tinian, as per the account of the Saipan Tribune .

This week, Senator Jude U. Hofschneider (R-Tinian) tabled Senate Local Bill No. 23-05, the purpose of which is to revise the Commonwealth Code in a way that makes room for compliant internet gaming. The proposal further mentions the issuance of licenses for a maximum duration of two decades.

The proposed legislation, as the report highlights, argues that such a modification in the code is crucial to keep the Tinian and Aguiguan Legislative Delegation globally competitive and concurrently ensure adherence to the prevailing US federal laws and stipulations.

This amendment, once approved, would enable the individuals with a license to carry out internet gaming activities and would delegate the responsibility of formulating and enforcing specific regulations for the said industry to the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission.

The provision to offer internet gaming services would be limited to those within the Tinian and Aguiguan boundaries or in any other regions where online gaming is recognized as legal. The clause also provides for requirements to be set concerning the application of geolocation software and age authentication software.

Nevertheless, the piece of legislation does not set a cap on the number of internet gaming licenses that could be issued, as noted by the Saipan Tribune.