Reflex Gaming’s DuoMax Diamond Miner Glistens with Yggdrasil’s GEM

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Reflex Gaming’s Diamond Miner

Partnering once more, Reflex Gaming, an all-purpose purveyor of betting games, and Yggdrasil, a renowned iGaming syndicator, proudly release their new brainchild, Diamond Miner DuoMax. This innovative creation integrates a dynamic Game Engagement Mechanic (GEM), opening opportunities to capture high-value rewards.

In this novel, cascading slot, players find themselves deep within the confines of a shadowy mine; the only illumination emanates from sparkling jewels caught in the glow of a miner’s lantern.

Featuring a whopping 243 ways to achieve cascading wins, the game title further adds excitement with a free spinning round that not only comes with a TNT reel modifier but also flaunts the newest rendition of Yggdrasil’s famous GEM, the DuoMax.

The explosive potential of DuoMax permeates the gameplay, offering dual win multiplier trails, one for each direction (left-to-right and right-to-left). Each cascade advances the corresponding trail, inflating the win multiplier.

In the free spin round, multiplier trails remain active without reset, leading to potential sky-high win multipliers.

Adding more intrigue, players may trigger the Golden Bet feature at an additional x0.5 of the base stake. This makes free spins appear more often and modifies the Big Blast Bonus trail from four segments to three, consequently increasing the frequency of cascade bonuses.

Noteworthy of this game is its premium feature, the Big Blast Bonus. In the base game, a Big Blast Bonus is initiated by four consecutive dropdowns. From this, players randomly receive one of the following:

  • Multiplier Boost – both multipliers receive a boost of +x10, applicable to the next dropdown if a win occurs
  • Double Wild – replaces two empty slots with wild symbols
  • Wild Stack – randomly inserts six wilds into a single reel, with three appearing at once and three stacked on top
  • Extra Life – erases the grid (except wilds or scatter) on a non-winning dropdown, providing another chance at victory.

This game, Diamond Miner DuoMax, is backed by GATI, Yggdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology. GATI endows allies with a ready-to-go, standardized development toolkit for the effortless invention and rapid spreading of world-class content.

Zoe Bird, Yggdrasil’s Senior Product & Program Manager, expressed excitement over their latest creation, saying, “We have another triumphant game in our hands. DuoMax shines bright among a treasure trove of features, luring players towards hefty gem-studded wins.

Reflex has hit another home run, crafting a game that cleverly blends exciting features with strategic game design.”

Reflex Gaming’s Chief Product Officer, Mat Ingram, commented, “Diamond Miner DuoMax successfully strikes a balance between accommodating core player’s need for depth and volatility while also appealing to casual players with its engaging theme and design.

With a plethora of ways to score and utilize multipliers, the Big Blast Bonus, and the free spins gamble, we are confident that players already have a diamond in their palms.”