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Delving further into expansion, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) enhances its GiG Media conglomerate by annexing an interactive online casino dialogue and critique platform – Casinomeister.

Anticipated Acquisition for Enhanced Transparency

Asserting this incorporation, projected to culminate in June, strengthens GiG Media’s resolution to ameliorate lucidity and augment player amenities across virtual gaming. This stands in correlation to Casinomeister’s decades-long reputation for encouraging transparency and fairness within the gaming world.

Jonas Warrer, GiG’s CEO, heralded the alignment of Casinomeister’s distinguished commitment to unbiased play and community backing with their newfound acquisition of, intensifying both market presence and streamlined grievance resolution services they furnish to the society, cementing their stance at the helm of player representation.

Strategic Acquisition & Integration

Under a structured asset purchase, featuring a value of €3 million, Casinomeister promises to preserve its unique identity and voice whilst becoming part of a multitude of names such as AskGamblers and KaFe Rocks under GiG Media’s portfolio, thus contributing to further diversity in the company’s operations.

Evaluating the €3 Million Deal for Casinomeister Acquisition

As per data from Ahrefs, Casinomeister majorly garners traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada, flaunting an array of 40,000 keywords with a notable 8,000 ranking between 1-10 positions. The lion’s share of revenue from this deal is projected to stem from CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), revenue share models, or hybrid agreements.

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Considering a multitude of factors for valuation:

  1. Traffic & Keyword Rankings: Casinomeister’s extensive traffic and vital keyword positions in premier markets such as the USA, UK, and Canada considerably aggrandize its value.
  2. Revenue Model:The amalgamation of CPA and revenue share models play a pivotal role in assessing the overall profitability and evaluation.
  3. Comparative EBITDA Multiples:Weighed against Casinomeister’s substantial traffic, its net profit should seemingly span multiple million euros annually.

On the basis of these factors, the €3 million transaction cost for Casinomeister seems incredibly understated for a potential powerhouse of profitability. The acquisition seemingly does not envelop the complete asset but appears to encapsulate merely a fraction.

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Further elaborating, GiG predicts a substantial surge for its business through synergistic combination between GiG Media and Casinomeister, mirroring advancements observed with AskGamblers post-acquisition. Anticipated to have an immediate and prominent positive financial impact, the acquisition will enhance further as it becomes fully integrated within GiG Media.

Embracing the Future

After devoting twenty-six years to curating the business model, Bryan Bailey, founder of Casinomeister, entrusts the reigns to a renewed, dynamic team capable of steering it into the future and leading the mission of promoting fair play.

Evidently having a lengthy history with GiG Media, he is adamant in his belief that they will uphold the values and principles that Casinomeister stands for and ascertain a smooth migration and optimistic future for the digital gaming community.

As indicated by its Q1 financial results last month, GiG stated that it is primed for the strategic partition of its Media and Platform & Sportsbook operations, aiming to achieve this split by the third quarter, dependent on approvals.