Breakthrough Type S slot cabinet series by Amusnet to debut in Asia post-global launch in February

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Amusnet to debut in Asia

The prominent international gaming manufacturer Amusnet achieved a notable landmark in their ongoing pursuit for excellence in the gaming industry. Having an extensive collection of more than 260 casino games, accessible on over 1500 websites across 31 markets, the company diversified its product line by unveiling the Type S slot cabinet series.  

This strategic innovation signifies expansion and creativity, enabling the firm to provide wide-ranging gaming products and services that appeal to a diverse market. Subsequent to this transition, the company embraced a new motto: “We Master Gaming”, which underscores their profound expertise and affirms their dominant position in the global gaming environment.  

State-of-the-art slot cabinet design 

The Type S slot cabinet series, a unique contribution from Amusnet, was designed and created in-house by a skilled team of more than 100 professionals. The product line is in compliance with the highest standards of the global physical casino industry, ensuring exceptional quality and an impressive gaming experience.   

The series, now available in three versions – Type S 27, Type S 32, and Type S 50F, is energized by Amuser Plus, the firm’s custom-built hardware platform. Both Type S 27 and Type S 32 slot cabinets are equipped with Full HD displays, whereas the Type S 50F models come with high-end 4K 50” displays. The entire product range features intelligent, vibrant LED lights, and a superior surround sound system. 

Renowned game titles and exclusive features

Beyond the exceptional technical sophistication reflected by the Type S cabinets’ hardware and software solutions, the new line includes Amusnet’s distinguished titles such as 20 Golden Coins, Extra Crown, Fruits & Gold, and Cocktail Rush. The company’s popular four-level bonus game, Jackpot Cards, is also available on these pioneering slot cabinets, along with other special features commonly found in Amusnet’s games such as Free Spins, Buy Bonus, Pick Me Bonus, Symbol Upgrade and so on.  

Upcoming expansion strategies

Amusnet disclosed plans for a staged integration of its comprehensive in-house catalog of 260+ games into its Land-based slot cabinets, with intentions to cater to a global audience of players, by delivering a superior gaming experience.  

The leading figure in Land-based Business Development at Amusnet, Borislav Marinov, announced the expected commencement of Type S slot cabinet sales by summer in 2024. Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, and Serbia are among the initial target markets, followed by Latin America and Asia. Mr Marinov remarked, “The goal for 2024 regarding our Land-based vertical is to get our new products certified. Additionally, we plan to extend our cabinet line with a new variation – a 50-inch curved screen model. Concurrently, we are working on diverse product types as part of other projects.” 

Profile of Amusnet

Amusnet, a recognized global gaming solution provider, is known for supplying high performing products and innovative strategies in the gaming sector. Their exciting array of over 260 slots, immersive table games, and a live casino studio has boosted registrations and revenue for more than 800 operators and 1500 websites in 31 markets. Their diversified portfolio takes pride in the launch of their premium Land-based vertical in February 2024. Boasting of a professional team of over 750 employees, our company continues to expand its operations globally.