Blask Debuts AI-Driven iGaming Market Insight Tool

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AI-Driven iGaming Market

Blask, an emerging iGaming venture, has introduced a market analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence, gaining the backing of renowned investors and operators.

This cutting-edge tool offers valuable understanding of the iGaming market as well as specific performance indicators, serving operators, affiliates, and platform suppliers.

Founded by Dmitry Belianin and Max Tesla in March 2023, Blask has obtained the backing from strategic collaborators such as Yolo Investments and Oakvale Capital. The tool has been preliminarily adopted by Sportingtech, BC.Game, bet365, and Already Media.

The Blask Index, a unique feature of the product, serves as a central measure similar to the Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average in the American stock market.

With thorough scouring of search data, the Blask Index offers a comprehensive report on the size of the iGaming market and the market segment of various brands in specific countries, yielding knowledge about the overall health and sentiment of the industry.

In addition to the Blask Index, the platform offers tools like relative market share analysis, market dynamics monitoring, and Gross Gaming Revenue prediction abilities.

This toolset allows brands to compare their performance with competitors, identify areas for improvement, and explore potential growth prospects.
“We are thrilled to bring Blask to the iGaming sector. This is a tool I wished I had when I held the position of CMO in a top-tier iGaming firm,” remarked Blask’s co-founder Belianin.

He further said, “The clarity it offers leaders in making data-driven decisions can contribute to significant surges in GGR.”

Tesla also claimed that the squad of 33 people at Blask “has put in intense effort to create a solution that delivers unmatched market intelligence, leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology.”

Operational mechanism

The platform employs two sophisticated models that pull together features from over a billion data points, including 450 active brands.

Blask’s proprietary computer vision model can recognize and classify iGaming-linked websites with an accuracy rate reaching 91%.

Moreover, the natural language processing (NLP) model is tweaked to comprehend the exclusive language and terms used in the iGaming domain and supports multiple languages.

Using automated brand discovery and data granularity up to one hour, businesses are enabled to make strategic and tactical decisions informedly, varying from analyzing the impact of a Sunday football game on market performance to deciding on the entry into new markets.