A New Chapter For Soft2Bet in LATAM: Seizing the iGaming Frontier

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Soft2Bet in LATAM

In recent times, Latin America’s major markets have been the cynosure of the global industry’s eyes, with high expectations resting on their potential for growth. Nicolas Campano, Soft2Bet’s Regional Sales Director for LATAM, metaphorically shines a flashlight on the critical themes and patterns that were brought to light by industry leaders at the EGR Power LATAM and SBC Summit in Rio.

The digital gambling scene has been bubbling with activity in Latin America for several years now. With the majority of its key markets now regulated or on the verge of regulation, the industry’s interest in the region has hit an all-time high. The prospect of legally conducting and promoting operations in significant countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and possibly Brazil is a powerful incentive for the industry, despite the intense competition these markets foster.

In light of these factors, Nicolas Campano took the helm as the host of a workshop at the EGR Power LATAM event in Buenos Aires at the month-end of February. The discussion revolved around innovations in user experience and the latest trends in online casino behaviour.

To address player behaviours, Nicolas illuminates the unanimous consensus from the discussions, stating that, Latin American players, especially the younger demographics, yearn for swift, customised, and socially interactive gaming experiences. It was also established that data analytics stands as a pivotal element in captivating the interest of amateur, low-risk players who are drawn to high-quality user experiences seamlessly blending casual games with casino gaming and sports betting.

The SBC Summit held in Rio de Janeiro followed soon after, marking a significant gathering of over 4,000 individuals since the inception of the Brazilian online gambling regulations. The central point of the discussions was aimed squarely at the specifics of Brazil’s online sports betting and gaming legislation.

Nicolas notes that the discourse was brimming with invaluable insights and critical information, as operators, platform and odds providers, game developers and content aggregators keenly assessed and observed the swiftly changing market.

Further, Nicolas added that the establishment of the Secretariat for Prizes and Betting, along with the publishing of relevant government decrees, demonstrates the Brazilian government’s dedication to building a sturdy and secure regulatory framework for the industry.

At Soft2Bet, our concentration is on aiding our partners in creating businesses that are profitable and sustainable through our Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), our forefront gamification platform. With all the rapid changes occurring in the region, we are genuinely stirred by its potential.

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