Transforming the Betting Sector with Blockchain Innovation

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Presenting itself to be a revolutionary force in iGaming, CoinGames has launched its state-of-the-art decentralized gambling platform. This platform, powered by blockchain and smart contract technologies, operates as a Web3 casino with instant withdrawals, 24/7 support, daily promotions, and a colossal variety of more than 10,000 games.

The CoinGames Phenomenon

Enabling High Conversion Rates

CoinGames directly targets and resolves what it acknowledges as the foremost obstacle in online betting: the conversion rates. Traditional online casinos demand players to deposit funds upfront, which noticeably discourages probable gamers. CoinGames abolishes this obstruction through its Web3 casino, in which all in-game transactions are smart-contract-based, effectuating a smooth gaming interaction. The result is a 380% bump in conversion rates and a surge in customer lifetime value by a remarkable 200%.

Prioritizing User Experience

CoinGames guarantees an efficient and convenient user experience featuring rapid registration and deposit processes. The firm omits the role of connectivity mediators, hence making the operation faster and simpler. Moreover, players get to exercise complete authority over their funds with the help of non-custodial wallets, and enjoy the liberty to withdraw an unrestricted amount at any given time.

Industry Standards Gets a Makeover

Designed on Binance and Polygon Chains, with future plans of incorporating Solana and Ethereum, the CoinGames Framework archives all transactions, ensuring safety along with efficiency. Edoardo Narduzzi, President of CoinGames, views the launch of the world’s first decentralized gambling platform as a turning point in the online gaming realm.

Introducing the User-Centric Approach

CoinGames’ adoption of blockchain and smart contract technologies paves the way for unprecedented levels of transparency and user autonomy, effectively redefining industry standards. With a burgeoning base of 20,000 users, CoinGames has set its sights on reaching one million users by year-end through its provision of regulated and trustworthy gambling experiences.

The CoinGames Token

Further, CoinGames plans to introduce its own CoinGames Token through private investor rounds, pre-sale, and public sale stages. This development is poised to reinforce CoinGames’ offerings and reinforce its standing as an industry leader in the online betting domain.

All these efforts collectively place CoinGames at the forefront of the online casino revolution. By giving priority to user experience and utilizing the capabilities of blockchain technology, the company is carving a path for the future of online gaming.