Spintop Network introduces GameFi blockchain platform

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GameFi blockchain platform

Spintop Network, a digital organization that leverages Web3 technology for creating virtual gaming platforms, has unveiled its latest blockchain gaming arena for gamers, developers, and investors.

Blockchain gaming and its growth

Blockchain technology rises in gaming

Blockchain gaming that enables users to win crypto rewards by playing virtual games, has surged noticeably in recent times. It’s a significant part of a broader cryptocurrency market expected to rise to a value of $5 billion by the end of this decade.

Blockchain gaming vs. Traditional gaming

Differing from conventional video gaming, blockchain gaming entails the purchase of authentic, albeit virtual, assets for playing. These assets can be purchased, exchanged, and sold on a blockchain that serves as a digital register, documenting every transaction conducted.

GameFi- The intersection of gaming and finance

GameFi or game finance platforms — like the one freshly launched by Spintop Network — streamline the digital gaming scenario and establish a network for gamers to trade, invest in advanced content, and explore new games.

A representative of Spintop remarked, “Observing the burgeoning global market for digital gaming, the community is witnessing this sector flourish and financially reward users. In light of so many prospects, uniting interest groups and archiving these opportunities turns crucial. Gamers can utilize the diverse features of the hub for both exploration and gain.”

Spintop’s GameFi Ecosystem

“Spintop’s GameFi platform enables gamers to locate games across Gamepedia, trade tokens throughout Spindex, and share NFTs via the NFT Marketplace. It deploys the resources of Web3 to deliver a distinctive experience.”

NFT Marketplace within Spintop’s Ecosystem

Spintop Network’s platform additionally offers a marketplace for NFT traders, facilitating them to purchase, sell, and lease their NFT assets among crypto trading peers.

Recent Partnerships of Spintop Network

Lately, Spintop Network has publicized numerous alliances with digital betting operators that will utilize the new platform as a base to operate. Specifically, partners include BetU Verse, a licensed metaverse casino; EarnU, a play-to-earn sports and esports prediction game; BetU, a sports and esports betting platform.