Metalottery Debuts Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based Lottery Platform

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Blockchain-Based Lottery

Marking another milestone in the digital sphere, Metalottery, an innovative blockchain lottery system, has just unveiled itself to the public.

The central focus of Metalottery is to transform user experiences by adding a novel spin to the digital lottery framework.

According to Poollotto Finance’s COO, Dioni Bouropoulos, Metalottery transcends the typical lottery platform. It represents a significant departure from the conventional ways.

“Metalottery puts power back in the hands of players, offering a secure, straightforward and thrilling lottery adventure crafted for the web3 era,” Bouropoulos noted.

The foundation of Metalottery is the platform’s signature cryptocurrency, the PLT token, which players use to buy tickets. A particular focus for Metalottery has been making the acquisition of Pool Lottery Tokens (PLTs) a straightforward process, achieved through direct on-site purchases.

Few other unique additions make Metalottery stand apart from its competitors. One of the main distinguishing features is the use of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to promise indisputably fair results for every game.

Moreover, with a new lottery round starting every eight hours, players can look forward to frequent winning chances.

In addition to the regular draws, players may increase their winnings by partaking in various games, such as the “Wheel of Fortune”.

Bouropoulos continued to explain the idea behind the creation of the platform: “Our goal is to make our platform all-encompassing and globally accessible. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, we provide players with complete control of their lottery experiences.

“We are committed to maintaining a zero-fees structure and committing all earnings from ticket purchases towards the jackpot. Our ultimate vision is to cultivate the largest lottery community worldwide.”