Leveraging Blockchain for Seamless Interaction, Unmatched Promptness, and Reduced Expenditure

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Blockchain for Seamless Interaction

Mark Robson Delves Into The Advantages For Operators And Players Who Use Blockchain

As a cross-sector entity, digital gambling must adapt and progress concurrently with the surge of avant-garde technology, regulatory necessities, and market inclinations.

Despite being relatively new in terms of widespread acceptance, it’s only a matter of time before blockchain becomes a significant part of the operative methods of every tech-inclined business. The case of Forex hedging in international enterprises and the prevalent use of crypto exchanges testify to this assertion.

The implementation of blockchain enhances the security and traceability of transactions. This, coupled with an operator’s internal procedures, can drastically reduce the occurrences of fraudulent accounts.

Up until recently, casino games maintained a veiled approach concerning game performance and disbursements, sharing such information solely with regulatory bodies, their internal staff, and a player’s individual game report. However, the transparency that blockchain offers can substantially strengthen the credibility of platforms, games, and studios.

Introduction to CasinoCoin

At Eminence, technological progress is at the forefront of our beliefs. Reimagining our product, CasinoCoin (CSC), has been my primary concern ever since I assumed the position of CEO last year.

With the capability to facilitate 1,500 peer-to-peer transactions per second and its integration with the XUMM wallet, CasinoCoin is a unified solution that caters to gaming operators as well as their players.

Besides offering a diverse practicality to holders and users, swiftness and reduced cost are additional advantages. Transactions are confirmed almost instantly at an average cost of less than a penny.

Our agreement with Chimoney, a platform, API, and embedded app developer has extended the utility of CSC. CSC holders can now purchase widely used gift cards such as iTunes, Amazon, and Uber Eats in addition to in-game credits for FIFA, CoD, GTA and so on.

The Role of XRP Ledger

Our token, available for a while now on several exchanges, exists as an issued token on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Our faith in the XRPL is evident since we’ve recently undertaken the task of operating a Full History Node from Domicilium’s data center in the Isle of Man.

Though a Full History Node is not crucial for the ledger’s daily operations, it does serve an essential function. The Eminence Full History Node marks a significant step in affirming the legitimacy and longevity of the CasinoCoin project, and cementing its role in the broader XRPL ecosystem.

Into The Casino Lobby

All of this is delivered via our Casino Lobby which features an array of secure functions allowing operators to provide a smooth onboarding experience to players.

The mere presence on a blockchain guarantees transactional transparency and eliminates chargebacks, paving the way for operators to reach an audience potentially turned off by traditional payment methods.

While delivering a seamless experience is fundamental to the products of Eminence, responsible gambling and adherence to regulatory norms are never compromised. Features such as player identification verification, anti-money laundering measures, user-defined responsible gambling limits, and thorough transactional reporting, are all a part of our digital wallet application.

Future Directions

Keeping the coming year in view, we have an ambitious roadmap. This includes incorporating more B2C brands in the Casino Lobby to reach millions of crypto users worldwide.

A cutting-edge metaverse environment will also be introduced. Though I can’t expand on this much at this point, we aim to collaborate with virtual worlds and casinos, connecting CasinoCoin with operators, casino software companies, and virtual landowners to offer the next generation of gamers the finest immersive experience.

Onboarding, payments and favorite slot exploration will become simpler in the metaverse. While in-venue sports betting is already possible, the metaverse will fuse the physical and virtual worlds, bringing about a revolution in terms of virtual and augmented reality.